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"The six endorsed candidates display leadership, competency, and a commitment to fully understand the issues brought to council and to listen to community input whereas most incumbents have failed to make the case as to why they deserve another term. 

No mayor candidates met the criteria for endorsement.

Unfortunately, the current voting system favours incumbents and name recognition. With five of the City Councillors seeking re-election for a staggering 4th term or more, the only way to hit the “refresh button” , and avoid a rerun of the last 4 years, is to VOTE TOGETHER for these 6 exceptional candidates. Voting for other candidates will dilute the vote and make it harder to create space for these candidates.”

Click on each candidates to learn more about them. Learn about LIVEABLE Kelowna's endorsement here.

Encourage your friends and family to VOTE TOGETHER, for THESE SIX to ELECT A BETTER COUNCIL

Authorized by, Liveable Kelowna, registered sponsor under LECFA,

Elect a Council Committed To a Liveable Kelowna

Are you concerned with the priorities and policies that Kelowna mayor and city council have endorsed over the past 4 years?

LIVEABLE Kelowna is a non-partisan group of residents who are concerned that the city is not being built in the cohesive and collaborative way envisioned in Imagine Kelowna (a vision for our city developed by our community to address Kelowna's complex needs as it grows).

With an electoral system that favours name recognition, particularly incumbents rather than the best leaders for our city, the only way to ELECT A BETTER COUNCIL is to VOTE TOGETHER. 

On October 15, election day, we need to elect leaders that have the ability, leadership and sincere commitment to turn Kelowna into a more liveable and sustainable city for us all.

Our mission:

  • Identify critical issues and actions we need council candidates to prioritize

  • Endorse candidates who will advocate for the actions and are committed to stronger representation and implementing Imagine Kelowna


Check out the responses to LIVEABLE Kelowna's questionnaire that will be used to assess candidates and sign up for updates.


Why Kelowna Needs a Better Council

Developer interests seem to come ahead of our community. Plans are ignored and the community does not feel represented. Kelowna is one of Canada's fastest growing cities but the growth is poorly managed, and community plans ignored.


The result is a boon for developers and investors at the expense of the average resident that is experiencing growing congestion, a lack of neighbourhood community amenities, an affordability crisis, concerns about community safety, and the impacts of smoke, flooding and heat. The climate crisis unfolds around us, yet Kelowna has made little effort to effectively meet this challenge.

It's time to bring community voices and best practices to the decision making table as articulated in Imagine Kelowna. This is essential to tackle the complex challenges our city faces as it grows.

Elect a Better Council For a